Size (51X34 cm) Ink & Charcoal on Paper. 2017  

يمثل العمل الاحساس المتواتر و النقيض في الانتماء بين أرضين مختلفة الحدود.. تجسد الفنانة صراع الانتماء لمسقط رأسها الذي عاشت فيه و بين الوطن الذي لا تعرفه سوى اسماً في جواز السفر..
The artwork is bringing the sense of frequent contrast in Belonging into a different border of two lands and identities. It embodies the artist struggle in belonging to her hometown where she born and lives and her roots which is only she knows by the name and it shows in her passport.
The conflict of growing up and absorbing a culture in a country, but then you will be treated different like a foreign, an outsider is a personal dilemma for the artist herself.

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