Virtual Medical Academy
If true innoviation begins with a problem looking for a solution and not a solution looking for a problem.
We – actually – have started from a realistic problem is that more of students in the medical field college and health care providers wish for a knowledge they want to learn and escort. 
But the options available to get them that science sometimes do not conform to their busy life, to delay this science or perhaps deprive them of it.
In contrast, the most powerful feature that distinguishes the communication tools of the new media is giving the recipient the ability to choose in the communication equation, so he/she selects what he/she wants to know or see, or hear, or attend, and controls how to receive what he/she wants at a time he/she chooses. 
From a deep understanding of the power of these tools and knowing their essence, working methods and possible options, we built the philosophy of Virtual Medical Academy.   
We have incorporated education in the equation of new media and introduced the new media to the equation of education, to make  the Virtual Medical Academy.
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